Shell Aeroshell Oil Sport Plus 4




Developed in conjunction with ROTAX®, AeroShell Oil Sport Plus 4 is the first oil specifically developed for light sport aviation piston engines such as the ROTAX® 912 & 914 series. A combination of low cylinder head temperature (compared with air cooled engines), low oil consumption and the engine internals requires a blend of high quality hydrocarbon base stocks, incorporating synthetic technology, which allows full performance with different fuel types. This oil can be used in all climates.


AeroShell Oil Sport Plus 4 is intended for use in four-stroke (four-cycle) aircraft piston engines that are of an original automotive design and which cannot, therefore, use traditional Ashless Dispersant aircraft engine oil types. These engines include carburetted, fuel-injected and turbocharged types such as the ROTAX® 912 & 914 series.

AeroShell Oil Sport Plus 4 can be used in integrated gearbox and wet clutch systems.

AeroShell Oil Sport Plus 4 can be used in engines which operate on both unleaded gasoline and Avgas 100LL. The correct choice of additives and good solvent properties allow the oil to handle lead by-products that can form a semi solid sludge in the oil which can restrict oil passages and compromise lubrication. AeroShell Oil

Sport Plus 4 is superior in this respect to those oil types intended for automotive/motorcycle application.
Please refer to Operators Handbook/Manual for the correct oil drain interval when operating on different fuels.


No Aviation specifications yet defined.

Meets or exceeds the requirements of the highest international specifications:

Fully approved to ROTAX® RON 424 specification, listed in ROTAX® Service Instruction SI-912i-01/SI-912-016/SI-914-019 Selection of suitable operating fluids for ROTAX® engine type 912 & 914 (series).

Please consult Operating Handbook/Manual to confirm the correct lubricant specification before use.

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