Shell ATF 3403 M 115



Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF 3403 M-115 is a fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid particularly suitable for use in Mercedes Benz passenger car latest generation automatic transmissions.
Based on Shell XHVI synthetic base fluid, ATF 3403 M-115 is the ultimate performance automatic transmission fluid allowing filled for life lubrication even under the most severe conditions.


  • Exclusively approved for MB passenger car automatic transmissions.
  • This product is exclusively approved as initial and service fill grade for the latest MB passenger car automatic transmissions according to the MB Sheet 236.10.
  • Can also be used in service for the previous MB passenger car automatic transmissions and is therefore an universal product for both latest and older MB transmissions.
  • Automotive automatic transmissions.
  • Certain manual transmissions.

Features And Benefits

  • Excellent thermal and oxidative stability.
  • Low temperature fluidity.
  • Smooth gear shifting due to appropriate friction coefficient over time.
  • Shudder free operation of the controlled torque converter clutch.
  • Shear stability.
  • Wear protection.
  • Filled for life potential in MB passenger car automatic transmission.
  • Highest production quality control system in place to ensure consistent product quality.


  • MB 236.10